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I'm Sapphire, 26 and a glamour model from Yorkshire in the U.K.

Yorkshire is a beautiful part of the country and I'm definitely a country girl rather than a City type, I love spending time outdoors in the fresh air, getting wrapped up and going for a walk or sitting outside a country pub in the beer garden and sharing a bottle of wine with some friends.

Although I'm an outdoorsy type I do enjoy my time at home, in my lovely little thatched cottage with a fire crackling and a movie. Even better if I get a nice long saucytime booking so I get to meet someone new and have a bit of naughty fun! Variety is the spice of life after all...

The rest of the time I'm probably doing one of the 3 R's..
Rubbing one out.

I'm not one of these lasses obsessed with the latest shoes or bags and rarely buy things for myself because I do a lot of charity & volunteer work. I do love axami lingerie and mostly wear vintage, retro glam outfits - wiggle dresses, swing dresses. I don't want to look like a shop mannequin and just prefer experiences to physical possessions.

For instance, I love to travel and don't tend to go to a place more than once (what did I just say about variety?) I like to visit lots of different places
I've been all round Europe, America & Canada
But I always have a holiday somewhere in the uk with my Dog as well
This year I'll be heading to see the northern lights
I don't mind a day at the beach but you're more likely to find me hiking a mountain or doing something physical :)

My friends describe me as fabulous, blunt, extravagant, confident, wise, generous and highly sexual! Don't believe me? Book a call with me and I'll show you! Back to Browse