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Alyxx Grey

Hey there! My name is Alyxx Grey and I'm your typical American country girl, born and raised in the wilderness of the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

I'm 23 years old and recently graduated from university with a Bachelor's Degree in Biocultural Anthropology. I love learning so college has been an amazing experience and I plan to complete my Master's Degree once I've had my fill of my life's other great love, travelling.

Whilst abroad I've lived in France and Germany, explored Spain, Morocco, Italy, and England, and I recently returned home to the Pacific Northwest after living in Southern California. My favorite thing about travelling is meeting all kinds of new and interesting people.

When I'm not attending college or experiencing a foreign culture I enjoy modelling. My work ranges from high fashion editorials to tastefully implied nudity. Sometimes I like to class it up...sometimes I like to get downright dirty!

I've always been a good girl, but as I've grown and seen more of the world, I've learned that sometimes being naughty can be oooh so nice. So to sum me up...I'm a girl that loves to learn and go on crazy adventures...and I'm all about self exploration! Back to Browse