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Elle Pharrell

Hello world,

I’m Elle, 29, a home counties girl from Hertfordshire. I’m half Chinese – my father was working on a three year contract in Hong Kong and met my Mum and they moved back to the UK together and had me. Hooray!

Before joining Saucytime, I trained and worked as a beauty therapist - giving manicures, pedicures, facials and waxes to ladies and gents. I enjoyed it but life as a beauty therapist wasn’t allowing me to indulge my wilder side so my thought turned to alternative opportunities. I did, and continue to do, modeling work but really enjoyed working on one of the babe TV channels- but I always felt it was a shame that I couldn’t see the caller as some of them sounded pretty cute that's why I'm really excited to be on Saucytime.

When I’m not working I like going out for dinner - ideally if I am being taken ;)
I like most food although Tapas is probably my favourite as sharing lots of plates of food is a very sociable way to eat and good fun. I’m not really the nightclubbing type, happy with a few after dinner cocktails somewhere nice.

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