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Bailey Jayne

Hi, I'm Baiiley Jayne - maybe you've seen me on late night TV or Loaded Magazine.

I'm from London but have been studying Psychology at a University in Leeds for the past three years now. Although I miss London, Leeds does have a great nightlife and there are plenty of things to do.

I love the student life as I can have late nights and I don't even remember what a morning is. I have to admit I'm pretty lazy and do spend a fair amount of time in my trackkie bums in my bedroom. On the plus side, I have a pole in my room. So whenever I'm bored I like to practice on my pole or stretch out in some Yoga poses.
I have two loves in my little Jack Russel, Malibu, and my pug, Chomperz. I take them on walks around Roundhay park, they love the open spaces. I guess that's one other advantage over London.

Apart from London and Leeds, I've just got back from spending some time in America. It was absolutely amazing but I'm defintely glad to be back in England. As they say there is no place like home :)

I really want to say I like Tennis...well, at least I like the idea of playing Tennis but I'm sure I'd be rubbish at it. I'm not really a sporty person (although pretty agile around a pole!). I used to be a Netball couch when I was younger, but as I got older I liked competition less and less (I'm 23 now!). I have to admit I am a very sore loser - so when it comes to watching a sporting event I just support who ever wins. It's just easier that way!

I don't watch TV much but I do love settling in to watch a good movie. My favourite movies are comedies like Bad Teacher, Reno 911! and Superbad. I absolutely love Snatch, probs the best film ever made! And I managed to convince a lot of people in America that it was a documentary rather than a movie :)

So that's me. Bailey x

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