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Nikki Lee

Hi guys & gooolies!

I'm NikkiLee, an East End nut bag currently living in Essex...I'm a natural blonde, which often leads to people assuming i'm Swedish, unfortunately i'm not im as common and Cockney as they come ;)

Some of you may remember me from the Babe channels, i started a few off back in the day, i do miss my callers but always wished i could see what they really looked like, hence why i'm here :) i do love a good natter! so i'm very much looking forward to getting to know some of you :)

When i'm not manic with work i do love a good session in the gym! takes all the stress away, i also love a good shop :) Socialising is high on my agenda also :)

I'm also the biggest West Ham fan out there (for a girl) my hammers tattoo was added recently ;)

So i hope you all call very soon & stay sexy mwah


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