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Hi Boys, I’m Roza from the Midlands in the UK. I’m sweet 19, but not as innocent as you might think 😉

When I’m not busy chatting to you sexy guys on FaceTime, I love having some time to myself. I’m very adventurous on all levels.

I’m also very musical so love to sing and dance, I’m also a whizz in the kitchen so love nothing more than trying out new recipes… just looking for someone to share them with.

I’m a spiritual person and am interested in anything regarding Astrology, Crystals, Reiki… some people do think it’s a bit hippy dippy, but if you’re open minded, you’ll see it’s been around much longer than the modern therapies people rely on today. It’s also fun to have a good debate and often they go home and have a read about alternative therapies (in private of course lol)

I’m also into more “normal” things like modeling and shopping, so I’d say I’m open to all things

Book a call FaceTime and lets have some fun.

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