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Shalimar (transgender)

Hi guys, My name is Shalimar. I am transgender, per-op.

By day, I'm your typical 28 year-old Bachelor's graduate gal next door. 
By night, I'm a feisty, sultry tigress on the prowl for prey much like you! 
As much as I like all sorts of exotic pleasures the world has to offer, from fine dining, traveling, outdoor activities, to soul and body pampering, there's nothing more pleasing to me than pleasing and teasing you!

Whether you're looking for a dominating tigress or a submissive kitten, know that I am that bad bitch, that extra zing of excitement in your life that you've been searching for.

Having been possessed by the Dominatrix spirit for more than 8 years I have developed an unshakable power and superiority over men. All men.

Will you change that? or will you fold and be another slave? 
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