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Moon Princess

I am a fun-loving and bubbly girl and probably the most honest and open person you could meet.

A little bit about me is that, apart from my modelling and webcamming which I love, I’m a fully trained and experienced yoga teacher and nutritional therapist. This means I’m super passionate about keeping active and healthy through movement, food and meditation. I also love being outdoors as well whether that’s walking in the woods or paddling through open lakes.

Anyone who knows me would definitely tell you how I’m always the one to make people laugh and be making jokes (even at times when I really shouldn’t 😂)

I can also talk about absolutely anything and everything to almost anyone and I’m always happy to listen whether you want to vent about your day at work or discuss deeper, more philosophical topics.

In all seriousness though I am completely open and honest and I try to make my cam sessions a 100% judgment free zone. Of course I have my own limits and boundaries but I will never try to make you feel unwelcome as long as you have the same respect for me!

So don’t be shy and come say hello! Can’t wait to meet you

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