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Lynna Nilsson

Hey guys, I'm just your ordinary Swedish / Czech MBA graduate, Topless DJ, glamour model and movie star!

Having swapped the crazy London life for a quiet rural life in Austria I now love the peace and tranquility, spending a lot of my time in Bratislava. I entered the glamour industry through a series of coincidences, my friend was working as a make up artist and often needed a girl to practice on, another friend was a photographer and I made my first magazine cover within weeks... I haven't looked back since!

I'm excited to join Saucytime as, living in a small Austrian village, I don't meet an enormous range of people from around the World so this gives me the opportunity to indulge quite a few things I enjoy simultaneously.

I'm currently on holiday and looking forward to meeting you all refreshed on the 29th August! Back to Browse