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Monika Lara Smith

Hello boys and girls!♥️

👑My name is Mistress Monika Lara- enigmatic and alluring Domme with a cruel streak. Imaginative. Unpredictable. Unforgiving.😈

Outside of my Domme life, I’m a model and a content producer, both of which are my passions! I love expressing myself by posing with my slender& athletic body and creating sensual images and videos for you to look at😍

My hobbies include: pushing my boys limits, worshipping sessions, FOOD, long walks, psychology, self development, ice/roller skating, deep and meaningful conversations.

So if you're looking for something sexy, sensual and gentle or you'd like cross to the dark side, you've come to the right place.

Looking forward to meeting you😈👑! Back to Browse