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I'm a Devon lass, 18. I'm new to webcamming as I thought it would be a great opportunity to pursue lessons in surfing as it's the local sport here. Lots of tanned fit guys from all over the UK congregating on my local town. Lovely.

I'm a country girl and enjoy the peace and tranquility of rural life. You can't beat a night out in the big City but take me home driver please!

Holidays are also really important to me and my favourite locations are Turkey, Greece and Portugal.

They say you look for the qualities lacking in yourself and I don't know if that's true but I am a small 5:2 so I like taller guys (certainly taller than me).

So, if you can reach your phone, then hit me up on FaceTime and let's get to spend some quality time together and you can tell me about yourself.

Look forward to it.


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