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Jayde Summers

I'm Jayde Summers formerly known as "Jayde Barbie" I'm the original Saucytime Barbie , I even have a cheeky Barbie lipstick tat I might show you if you ask nicely ..

I am a Playboy TV girl previous work includes studio66 bluebird and Babestation and Loaded to for Sky tv .. Sport girl xio and Nuts front cover ... A regular model for new Scottish Mag "pg7" ... Also do qutie a bit of work in the US and shot for playboy Mag ... I'm currently getting ready for filming in LA for a certain megastar's music video ... Look out for my face on MTV ..

Career wise I'm a bot of an entrepreneur I teach pole dancing and I'm currently designing a brand new "pole gym" in my hometown Essex I teach this for fitness and the ladies love learning all my lil moves to go home and show off to their hubbys ..

I enjoy turning men on and I like to dance for you and put on a naughty show for you late nights and early hours I'm the night owl of Saucytime always awake and never disappoint ...

Warning tho you may be addicted after your first FaceTime intro with me .. I have been with Saucytime from the start and will never look back it's the Best thing that happened to the world of "Glamour" .. Let's get Dirty XO Back to Browse