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Hey guys,

I'm Clarissa, a 23 year old British glamour model. I've been working as a model since the age of 18 and love it. Although I enjoy being the centre of attention with a hairstylist and make up artist ensuring I look my best I'm a different person when the lights and camera are off.

I'm a little bit of a home-body, very close to my friends and family and love being around positive , interesting people. I find meeting new people very exciting and one of the things that drew me to Saucytime , you never know who you are going to meet. I like nice things (doesn't eveeyone?), But a Lambourghini and a six pack isn't going to impress me as much as someone who can make me laugh, someone who can bring out the best in me and someone I can jump in a car with and find a country pub to while away the afternoon. That's my ideal date and the type of guys I like to meet. Expensive restaurants and gifts? Been there, done that. An old pub in rolling meadows, laughter and spontinaiety (well we can't drive home now 😉) wins me over. I suppose I'm a little old fashioned, I like a man to be a man because I'm 100% woman.

So come and get to know me, mines a Stella and packet of Frazzles x Back to Browse