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Avery Lyn

Hi everyone, Avery here…

Im from California, although lately I’ve also been spending time in the east coast. I guess that makes me bi-coastal!

I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist, but this is my first time modeling, so I hope you all enjoy the pictures. Prior to Saucy Time Im also an art student, studying photography and design. I am obsessed with interesting people, and art, they feed my soul. I’m also a dedicated foodie, and I love a guy who let’s me pick the restaurant!

I have an open mind, and I crave new experiences. Travel, adventure, and new horizons call my name. I love to push myself and break boundaries of all kinds. I know I sound like a bit of a wild girl, but inside I have kind heart, and I’m looking for someone who can complement both sides of me.

Why don't you drop me a line, and let's chat? I know we’ll have lots of interesting things to talk about.

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