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Addictive Kate

Hey guys,

I'm Katie, 23 years old, and a posh Chelsea girl through and through!

A professional glamour and fetish model, I love looking my best. Fortunately that's pretty easy to do with my long hair, real womanly curves (I have boobs and a butt!), and signature red lipstick! :)

I have a kinky side and enjoy laughing at small clocks, watching them play dress up, and milking their wallets. Open to all fetishes

I have a professional background, and a degree from a very good university, so there's a lot more to me than just beauty! I'm loving finally being my own boss though, and nothing can beat the buzz of being paid for simply having a great time in my underwear!

City life is amazing, and I adore being wined and dined in London's finest restaurants, but really I'm a country girl at heart. Nothing beats the feel of tight jodhpurs and boots as I gallop my horse through fields and woods :) Give me a roll in the hay any day haha. Aside from that I'm pretty keen on keeping fit with running and Yoga, and love video editing (yes I'm a geek!)

My ideal type of guy is one who can make me laugh, isn't afraid of anything, and likes a girl with a devilish streak! Tall, dark, and handsome wouldn't go amiss either 💋💋💋

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