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I’m 26 year old Persian. I am an incredible sexual being by nature. I love to explore the bounds of my own sexuality as well as push the limits of my partners. I am a faithful, loyal and fiercely loving person.

I was born in Iran but moved to Germany when I was very young. I am fluent in Farsi, German and English and I have a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education. I moved to America about 2 years ago after spending a few years in Italy and now my home is Dallas, TX.

I love music and art and find it beautiful in its many forms. I am as wild as I can be, controlled as I have to be, and free as I want to be. I love to go out and have a good time, but I also consider myself a little bit of a nerd as I could just as easy stay at home reading a book or playing video games. I work out, eat clean and take care of myself in every way. Unless you have some pizza and wings…then it’s game over.

I love sex and Im not ashamed of that. I love to please men and have found in my short life that pleasing a man is as simple as hearing his deepest, darkest, dirtiest fantasies and instead of judging him for it and making him feel ashamed, i simply embrace it, empower it and allow it to be set free. And seeing the freedom on a mans face when his heart is set free is the most beautiful form of art I could imagine. Back to Browse