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Lacy May

Hey guys, my name’s Lacy May, I’m young, fun and full of energy!

I'm originally from London but right now I’m out travelling the world. My favourite place so far is the Maldives,I love romantic places. What’s your favourite place?

In my spare time I love good food, good friends, good wine and a good time 😜
My best party trick is that I can lick my own elbow.

My friends would say I have a nice side and a naughty side, I’m sweet yet spicy,
If you were a flavour, which one would you be?
Would I like to taste you?

I LOVE to dance and I'm a professional twerker, I can shake the sh1t out of my booty... want to see? Book a call and I'll give you a show. 🍑 😳

Looking forward to meeting all of you naughty, naught boys! 😜 Back to Browse