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Hey guys!

I’m Fina from Sin City, Las Vegas, NV.

I’m 31 years old which probably explains my love of 80’s culture, I’m a huge fan of horror movies.. they kinda turn me on 😉

My idea date would be a trip to Mexico (oh didn’t I mention we’re going on holiday?), a five star resort because although I don’t mind slumming it, I’m not a 3* girl. Dinner for two set out on the beach (three would be weird wouldn’t it? Or would that make it more fun? A few courses and bottles of wine later, holding hands walking along the deserted beach stopping off for a bit of skinny dipping (my favourite dip) in the warm ocean. Hopefully have some fun on the beach as well.

I guess I am an old fashioned all american romantic gal, (with a few kinks and fetishes) who just likes to have a good time with open minded people who like to explore and experiment. There’s nothing that turns me on more than pleasing others. And if you wanna please me, all the better. I’m down for just about anything, just ask! Let’s have some fun together!

I enjoy having fun with boys, girls, couples... so come on and book a call... I don't bite.... much 😜

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