Frequently asked Questions


What do I need?

A Facetime compatible device, Wi-Fi connection and credit card.

Can I use this in my country ?

If your can make and receive Facetime calls in your country, then our service is available to you.

How do I pay?

You only pay for the minutes you use, there are no membership fees, premium rate telephone numbers or recurring charges. Simply pay for the amount of credit you would like and your account will be credited immediately to use now or whenever the mood takes. Credits do not expire.

What does it cost?

The standard rate is £2 per minute.  Credits are bought in blocks of 5 minutes, with a minimum £10 purchase which will be debited from your card at time of purchase.

Your Saucytime account will be debited at the time the call is booked. Should you wish to extend the call, you will need to confirm a continuation booking, we do not automtically charge your debit card or Saucytime account. 

What if the person I like isn't available?

Models may only be available at certain times. As a registered member with a credited account you can communicate via personal e-mail or iMessage. We will never charge you to send or receive messages and models deal with all their correspondence personally.

Can they see me also?

If you prefer. Or not. Entirely up to you. Our saucy boys and girls prefer to get up close and personal but you can turn this option on or off depending on your mood.

Can we keep in touch ?

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates

Where are these models located?

We are an international company with service providers based across the globe in all time zones. All models speak English and unless stated in the profile, as a first language. 

Is it safe?

Confidentiality is important to our customers and performers and Saucytime respects and protects the privacy of our members. We do not release your confidential information to anyone. Credit Card payments are sent using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a form of safely encrypted Internet communication. Neither Saucytime nor it's representatives will contact you unless requested.


Saucytime run regular webinars, for details of our daily schedule please mail

SaucyTime Ltd , First Floor 349 regents park road London N1 3DH