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Sky Smith

I am an English woman in her mid 30s who left the UK in 2011 and is currently living full time in a self converted short bus, traveling around America. I travel from one sweet spot to the next, hiking, getting on webcam, meeting people, getting high, contemplating life, exploring myself, taking my own path and sharing it all online.

I have been in the sex industry since 2010 and am very passionate about creating a more healthy and helpful sexual environment for everybody. I am a very sex positive, sexually active, and openly sexuality advocating woman. I want to share my real sexuality with people online, so I can stand up and represent sexual women in a positive light and share a mutual enjoyment of that sexuality with my fans online. I love being in control because I really know what I am doing and love sharing that with men. Let me show you how I like to enjoy my body. I also really enjoy watching, put on a show for me while I just watch or show off the effect I have on you and help me enjoy myself even more!

As I am constantly traveling and exploring you never know where you will find me when you call me! Back to Browse