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Hi Boys!

My name is Mila and I am a native midwesterner from the U.S. However, this girl is from the city... so get that image with the corn fields and barns out of your head!

I do enjoy nature, I just have more experience with it in its various "park" forms. I enjoy photography and painting with acrylics in my very limited free time. Most of my art reflects nature. Unfortunately I spend most of my time indoors or in my car... more so in the winter.

I am a bartender/stripper ... so I know that a lot of girls say they bartend but actually just strip... however I do both... I guess partly because I get bored just bar tending , and with striping I can go to a completely different city with a variety of clubs and create a variety of alter egos!

Back at home I can be that much desired bar tender everyone loves to see and just be myself! Either way I get to meet a lot of interesting, real, fun people! I also enjoy experimenting in the kitchen when I cook. Pole dancing keeps me fit but I also love to run weather its outdoors (weather permitting) or on the tread mill.

I'm really looking forward to having fun with my new friends on Saucytime! Back to Browse